Curing Congestion: The Wonders of Chipotle Peppers

I’ve gone almost the entire winter season without a cold. This is huge for me. Usually I’m this disgusting mess of snot, loud, irritating coughs, and runny eyes, shuffling around, wheezing with every step. 

But not this season. Nope, not me. Who had time to be sick? Not me! And I sure don’t have time for that nonsense now.

It could have something to do with the mild weather we started with early this week which turned into a freak blizzard on Wednesday, returning to mild temperatures shortly after. I get that Mother Nature has to do her thing, but is it too much to ask to leave me and my sinuses out of it? Probably.

Because I’ve been congested and gross, I’ve also been grumpy and pouty (I know, I’m probably such a treat to live with right now). I haven’t really felt like eating, which meant all we’ve had today is an Ikea hot dog and diet pepsi, which totally counts as a balanced meal. Right? Right.

Despite all of this, I decided I would put in some effort tonight: enter chipotle peppers smothered in adobo sauce. James adores spicy food. We have at least 10 bottles of hot sauce at home, and the other 12 he keeps at work. Do you know anyone who likes spice that much? No? Not surprised. 

I like gnocchi. A lot. But I’ve never prepared it myself. Mostly because when I say gnocchi, James says grossy. Yep, real mature. But how could he not love gnocchi smothered in an adobo chipotle cream sauce? Who could walk away from that? NO BODY.

So I steamed some green beans, and I grilled up some steak, whipped up a sauce… and voilà!



I maybe made this a little too spicy for my taste. And by that I mean my nose was running so fast I could barely keep up (see what I did there?), I was starting to sweat (how attractive), and my ears started to burn. Yeah. My ears

But it was so good. So if you’ve got a cold, this might be just the thing for you. Or you know, if you like delicious creamy sauce with a kick.

Adobo Chipotle Cream Sauce

3 tbsp butter 

2-4 tbsp flour

Heavy cream (I used an entire 250ml carton)

Chipotles in adobo sauce (usually in a can)


I eyeballed this. Like I do for all sauces I make. I threw some butter in a saucepan, waited for it to melt, then threw in some flour. Whisk to get a thick paste. Add your heavy cream, whisking constantly to achieve a smooth sauce. Add as many chipotles as you think you can handle (I maybe used 1/4 of the can, if that). Keep on medium-low heat whisking constantly. If you like a thicker sauce, keep whisking. Like it runny? Stop whisking when you’ve achieved your desired consistency. 

Enjoy over gnocchi, steak, pasta… whatever! You can even start to eat it with a spoon (if you have a death wish). 


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