Spring: Lakeside

The past couple of days have brought warm (read: not -20 celsius), and with it, a brief respite from the cold. This is the first time in a while that the wind hasn’t cut through our jeans, biting through the coarse material to our skin. The winter winds on Lake Ontario have been especially brutal this winter. Going out for long walks with Molly have been cut down to fleeting outings – in and out – zipping up the lake path just as quickly as we came down. 


We’re expecting a blizzard tomorrow (the only benefit being that maybe by some miracle we’ll have a snow day) and just like that, the glimpse we had of cracking ice and melting snow will be whisked away. But at least the two days of nice weather we did have were enjoyed lakeside with Molly. 


If you find yourself fleeing the outdoors and this harsh Canadian winter, might I suggest a good book? I’ve been losing myself in Jo Baker’s Longbourn. I don’t often enjoy books based on Austen’s work, but this is a delightful surprise. Smart, well written, and engaging, I find that I’m dragging out the reading process simply because I can’t bear to leave Sarah behind (but more on this in another post).


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