It’s beginning to look a lot like…

November. And only November. 

I’m not trying to dash anyone’s holiday cheer, but it is still only November, and I wouldn’t mind it staying that way for a while longer. 

With the (amazing) return of my grandma to her coveted lazy boy, I’d be happy to enjoy some quiet time before the holiday craze begins. With three families to visit during the holidays, things become hectic (and by hectic, I mean my annual temper tantrum usually makes an appearance). 

But the one thing I adore about the holidays? The food. I know, I know – so does everyone else, so we don’t need to talk about it, right? 


Because this holiday season, I’m making a sincere effort to truly enjoy all the food I can. 

I’m sure I’m not alone when I tell you that most holidays (where it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc.) can be stressful, especially if your surrounded by people constantly talking about their weight, and not over-indulging. They talk about portion restrictions, or cutting certain holiday favourites out all together. And while I do my absolute best to lead a healthy life style (I pack as many fruits and veggie as I can stomach into everyday), I am also trying to do my best not to obsess about my size or my weight.

Being a curvy woman, this doesn’t always come easily. Self acceptance is hard, and so is self love. I’m notoriously bad at both, but I am trying desperately to improve. Part of what I’m working on is not beating myself up about my size. My broad hips and bust often make me feel self conscious, especially since I don’t fit the typical “ideal” female mould. 

So I try to be compassionate with myself by acknowledging that I eat well, and that starving myself of things I love, isn’t a solution. I try to tell myself that I look good, even though I’m not a size two. 

This holiday season is going to be about enjoying the things I love (hopefully) guilt-free. And this extends to more than just food. I plan on indulging in sleep, over indulging on books and cuddling with my puppy. 

Because when was the last time anyone really focused on self-care and pleasure? I don’t remember the last time I did, but it will start now, with a good read and a cup of tea. 


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